Synesthesia II is now live and online!

Read new writing by Moriah Ogunbiyi about Delpha’s work ‘The Reimagination of Female Narratives’ as part of the Synesthesia Project in collaboration with DATEAGLE ART

A collaboration between curators, writers and artists exploring the power of words and conversations about life and art. There are lots of amazing articles on other artists including Kate Walters Brigette Ashton Simon Bayliss Jonathan Michael Ray Nathan Henton Fiona J Sperrin Tony Plant Laura Menzies Hugh Frost by other writers including Laurie Barron, Janice Li, Anna Souter, & Brooke Wilson

If you’re interested in relationships between words, art, and dialogue sign up on eventbrite for a free online symposium Parallels/Encounters:art, words and their meetings, 10-2 on 30th June & 7th July

Photos by John Hershey.