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The sixth sense of understanding, acrylic on canvas, 200x180cm, 2021

Delpha Hudson is an artist who makes work about women’s lives and the nature of Self. Her surreal domestic aims to create new conversations about care and inequality.

painting for sale
Consider the lilies…oil & bitumen on canvas, 150x180cm, September 2021

I make colourful and dark whimsical paintings that use a vast range of references in order to pull you backwards and forwards through time. Productive disorientations of old and new mythologies aim to show women’s lives through a new prism. Crowded scenes and patterned designs are resonant of medieval art or old masters like Bosch or Michelangelo, yet parody roles and constraints placed on women’s lives.

I make multiple bodies of work that are contemporary, political and socially engaged. Surreal domestic juxtapositions are combined with recurring themes, motifs and symbols that challenge historical hierarchies by satirizing and unravelling unequal representation of women.

Painting can create extraordinary spaces that register presence. Spatial compositions aim to make women’s lived experience visible and reveal a common condition. I invite the viewer not just to ‘witness’ but to ‘withness’  –  to see and feel empathy for women, mothers and carers.

Paintings have multiple threads, bodies and symbols that propose the discontinuous and multiple Self. Figures are often naked, creeping out from colourful ornamental designs that articulate embodiment and contradiction. Compositions tell more than stories, I paint to create new ways of looking at the world.

Delpha Hudson, January 2022

painting for sale
Singing from the box, watercolour and ink on paper, 30x42cm, January 2022

painting for sale
Delicate and insubstantial enemies, tar gel and oil paint on canvas, 30x40x3cm, January 2022

painting for sale
Ever constant in your changefulness, tar gel and oil on linen, 37x28cm, January 2022

painting for sale
She writes her own histories, oil and bitumen on canvas, 60x70x3cm, December 2021

delpha hudson painting for sale
She wanted to swim through the broadest of lives, oil & bitumen on canvas, 50x50x4cm, 2020

painting for sale
Our most evolutionary strength as a species is that we share care, bitumen & oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2021

painting for sale
The bones have been removed from off their backs, bitumen & oil paint on canvas, 60x70x4cm, August 2021

painting for sale
Apres le deluge – the re-emergence of life, watercolour & ink on paper, 30x42cm, June 2021
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artists studio cornwall
Delpha’s studio January 2022. Get in touch if you would like to visit

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