A history of domestic appliances, oil on canvas, 100x120x3cm, 2021


delpha hudson painting for sale
She wanted to swim through the broadest of lives, oil & bitumen on canvas, 50x50x4cm, 2020

Delpha originally studied history at London University in the 80s before making time based art in the 90s. Making film & performance her work traversed themes about women, time and trauma.

Contemporary paintings develop these themes and explore the human condition. Inspired by historical paintings, and wild imaginings, her paintings balance personal, political and aesthetic concerns.  

Delpha’s paintings are instantly recognisable with a strong punch of colour and often black lines that weave their way sensuously across the surface. Paintings are ornate, ironic, contradictory, simultaneously particular and general. They embrace a relentless desire to explore images and motifs that give meaning and visibility to women’s lives. read more

figurative watercolour for sale
All the people we have to be to get through the day, watercolour & ink on paper, 42x30cm, 2020

‘Recent paintings are distinctive for the hive of detailed making on which the final surface rests. Process extends from the intricacy of drawing to the complexity of composition and on toward the application of colour. Executed on a canvas support, Hudson has adopted bitumen as a medium, dripping a viscous trail onto the primed surface. Even more so than oil paint, bitumen is a tricky, dirty material’ …read more of Martin Holman’s review

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