I am interested in the ways that the body can evoke shared lived experience. I make art to create new ways of thinking about identity and change cultural narratives that confine and silence women. My obsession with the construction of self, is rooted in my experiences as a woman and mother, escaping a claustrophobic religious upbringing. My work preserves and destroys, hides and reveals, fragments and re-builds to explore questions of value and how to be a woman and be visible and present.

I often draw on religious and historical iconography in painting, to conjure figures and scenes that are at once joyous and macabre. Multiple figures mix in unsettling ways in colourfully abstracted domestic settings. Painting is a meditation on Subjectivity and multiplicity that uses material metaphor in the use of viscous bitumen.

Shifting between sensual, emotional and aesthetic references, layers of paint create a scar tissue of texture that intimate the body and continuous healing processes; compositions multiply the female body and twist cultural plots which contain and restrain women. I want to create conversations about women as Subjects-in-Process; never complete, formed and re-formed continually in play.

I work with other media to make work about gendered domestic experience. I make small stoneware sculptures that wrap around domestic found objects, often in humorous juxtapositions. I use found objects to create complicated webs of meaning between Subjects, and language.

Current film work includes collaborations inspired by my own feminist performance practice, to present intimate personal stories in local landscape. In many projects I use precarity and multiple evocations over time to create tensions between the different people we are, have been, and could be.

My latest Arts Council publishing project Theatre of the Self is simultaneously art documentation and mental health diary. It collects material from my 2017 read and burn diary project and will present it in an engaging thought provoking way.

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