large detailed painting with figures of mothers and children

‘The female voices that Hudson summons up through image and text in her paintings are silent but still clamorous. There is a Babel-like quality within them of stories cutting across stories… the profuse narrative appears to nod towards classic painting at any point in art history from the frescoes of Giotto to the devotional works celebrating the Holy Family of the Renaissance masters… Recent paintings are distinctive for the hive of detailed making.. [and] the intricacy of drawing to the complexity of composition.. ‘My work,’ Hudson explains ‘often explores new dialogues and possibilities for thinking differently about women and their representation [and hopes] to strip away layers of public expectation and preciousness.’ Read more on Martin Holman’s review

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Painting shown: Babel Tower-the life raft of language, oil and bitumen paint, 80x100x4cm, 2019 See more paintings