artist in her studio
Delpha Hudson Photo by John Hershey

Delpha Hudson was born in London in 1963. She lives and works in Cornwall. She has degrees in History (London University 1985), Fine Art (Coventry University 2001) and an MA Dartington College (2003). She has curated Arts Council funded projects with artist-led groups Art Surgery (1998-2008), Salon de Textes (2008-14) and worked with the Hypatia Trust (2018-2020).

She has had solo performance and film work commissioned for Newlyn Art Gallery (2010, 2001) and Tate St Ives (2007), and created live performance and installations for Leyden Gallery ((2017), HAB Arts (Manchester, 2017), Ca’Zanardi (Venice, 2016), RESOUND festival (2013), Suspended Sentences (Newlyn, 2013), Insite Festival (Cornwall, 2009), TRUCK festival (2008), Performance in nature (Serbia, 2005), Crossing Time Festival (2004), The Tabernacle (Notting Hill 2004), Birmingham Mailbox Festival (2004) ) Art what is it good for? (curated by Tracey Warr, Dartington Hall, 2004), Surface Gallery (Nottingham, 2003), Exeter HEM (2003), SEEN (Leicester 2003), AAS (Birmingham, 2003)  VAIN (Oxford, 2002), Custard Factory, (Birmingham1998), Solihull Gallery (2000). Recent performance work includes collaboration with Helen Sargeant (Ironing the sky, 2023) and Skirting the Issues (SOAK live art, the Leadworks, Plymouth).

Sculpture and installation works have been shown at the RWA (2009) Kestle Barton (2012), residency and exhibition at Artcore Gallery (Derby, 2019). Other residencies include English Heritage (Helmsley Castle, 2001) & Wolverhampton University (2005) and Porthmeor Studios (2022). Recent installations include When you’ve been around so long you are the goddess of many things & Hope Chest (Tremenheere Gallery), As above, so below (G12 Gallery, Redruth), The Sixth Sense of Understanding (Studio Kind, Devon).

Film work has been shown at Tremenheere Gallery (2021), Exeter Phoenix (2005 & 2020), EVG (Cornwall, 2011) SQUARE EYES (Dublin, 2015), REVOLVER (Penzance, 2008), Scottish Society of Art (2005), Tulca (2005), Truro Cathedral (2008), Wild Dog & Newlyn Art Gallery (2002).

Delpha’s paintings are regularly on show at Tremenheere Gallery with Newlyn Society of Artists (2010-22) and at Penwith Gallery, St Ives. Many have been selected for online exhibitions; Maternochonics, FILIA, Maternal Art, the Curator’s Salon, IMPART by Cultivate, Procreate & Kingsgate Gallery (2021). Solo shows include Clifton Fine Art (2018), Acorn Theatre Gallery (2017), Redwing Gallery (2017), Helston Museum Gallery (2014), The Window (Birmingham 2006). Group shows include Distanced Domestic (London, 2021), Platform 1 Gallery (London, 2018), Mariner’s Gallery (St Ives, 2014) Heseltine Gallery (2014), Mariners Gallery (St Ives, 2013), Anima-Mundi Gallery, (2013) HOME (Omskirk, 2012), Marburae Gallery (2012), Art Lounge (Derby, 2012),  Double Lives (Nottingham, 2012), Tactile Bosch (Cardiff, 2012),  Redearth Gallery (Devon, 2012), St Ives School of Art (2012) Hilton Young (2008). Latest paintings have been made and shown at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives, SVA Stroud, Penwith Gallery and Anna Lovely Gallery, London. In 2024 her work will be shown at StudioKIND, Devon.

In 2021 Delpha published her writing and performance project Theatre of the Self with Arts Council & Cultivator funding. Other publications and talks include Tea with MAM (2020), On resilience (2020), INDIALOGUE (2019), Objets-Textes (2013), Lover’s Letters (2012), Liquid Selves: the fragmentary and multiple nature of Self (2011) Revolver (2008), Art Cornwall Now (2007), BAIT (Cornwall, 2005) A body of work (University of Coventry, 2003). Her most recent research has been shared with CAMP Performance and Landscape study group.

artists exhibition

Artist’s CV

MA Visual Performance, Dartington College of Arts (2003)

BA Hons Fine Art, Solihull, Coventry University (2001)

Media Studies (City & Guilds 770), Solihull College (1994)

PGCE, Institute of Education, London University (1986)

BA Hons History, Westfield College, London University (1985

Selected Art Projects 


The sixth sense of understanding, interactive painting installation at Out with the old, in with the new, STUDIO KIND, Devon


Small works on paper, Anna Lovely Gallery, London

Babble Tower – the life raft of language, painting, Penwith Gallery, Associate Member Group Show

Leading CAMP study group, online research into Landscape & performance with workshop at Krowji, Redruth as part of Flamm & CAMP on tour

Skirting the issues, performance at SOAK live art, the Leadworks, Plymouth

Under/Over G12 Gallery, Redruth FLAMM group show curated by Liam Jolly

Hope Chest, sculpture installation, NSA Showcase, Tremenheere Gallery

Between Sky and Earth, exhibition about connectivity, community and ecology, Periscope, Chapels of Rest & SVA Stroud.

Ironing the sky, performance collaboration with Helen Sargeant at the Men-an-Tol. Performance film (2024)

Associate Member Group Show, Penwith Gallery. St Ives

Engage NSA show at Tremenheere Gallery, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens


Group show The Map is not the Territory at Tremenheere Gallery & Sculpture Gardens

Porthmeor Studios Residency in Studio 9. Roses and other phantoms 6m long history painting installation

Synesthesia a collaborative programme by Plymouth Arts, & Dateagle promoting art and writing

Group show Memory at Tremenheere Gallery & Sculpture Gardens

Paintings selected for online shows IMPART & others.


Model Children and other People selected by curator Lisa Wright for Past, Present & Future exhibition Tremenheere Gallery, Cornwall

Paintings selected for online shows Maternochronics & others.

Works on paper shown at Distanced Domestic by co.curation, London & Extraordinary Postcards, Newlyn & Exchange Art Gallery

Publication of Theatre of the Self a performance project book with mental health diaries. Supported by Arts Council & Cultivator

Online interviews with Helen Sargent on Tea with MAM, Carianne Vivianette On resilience and with Ryya Bread’s Creative Core

Selected for funded mentoring with Ceri Hand

Film: Like a ship righting itself shown at Exeter Phoenix and Swept under the rug on show at Tremenheere Gallery


Encased in a new Silence, in Edge of Dark, Tremenheere Gallery, Cornwall curated by Jesse-Leroy Smith

Work on paper selected for Extraordinary Postcards, Newlyn & Exchange Art Gallery

Paintings selected for Kingsgate Gallery (online & print)

Paintings long listed for Mother Art Prize (online)

Paintings short listed for Confinement Chronicles


Small Promethean Acts Residency and exhibition at Artcore Gallery, Derby

Presentation of work at INdialogue at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln


Domestopia paintings on show at Clifton Fine Art, Bristol

Paintings on show at Platform 1 Gallery, London with desperateartwives 


Bear-heamian Rhapsody, commissioned performance with collaborator Nigel Bispham for  Haphazard, Hab arts, Manchester

Metaphysical Positions solo painting show at the Acorn Theatre, Penzance

Embodied solo painting show at Redwing Gallery, Penzance

Double Burden, performance, Leyden Gallery, London. Curated by desperateartwives 

Sculpture in Borders at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens


Place settings, sound performance collaboration at ca’Zanardi, Venice


Life Sentences, performance film, CAZ square Eyes, Dublin


Liquid Selves paintings at Helsetine Gallery with Newlyn Society of Artists


RED HERRING! sound performance collaboration at Suspended Sentences, Newlyn

Saw Sings (Sourcings), sound art performance with Nigel Bispham at CAZ RESOUND sound art festival, the Acorn Theatre

Liquid Selves, solo painting exhibition at Helston Museum Gallery

Through, drawings at Drawing the Line, at Anima-Mundi Gallery, St Ives

Liquid Selves paintings at Mariner’s Gallery, St Ives


Lovers’ Letters, ceramic installation SITE-NON-SITE, at Kestle Barton Gallery

Liquid Selves paintings shown at Marburae Gallery; Off the Shelf, Saltburn; the Art Lounge, Derby; Double Lives, Nottingham; Tactile Bosch, Cardiff; Redearth gallery, Devon; St Ives School of Art


Vox Populi film project commissioned by Electronic Village Galleries, Penryn, Zennor, Liskeard


Possessed Possessions, collaborative assemblage works and performance Newlyn Exchange gallery

Bitumen curtain paintings, HOME, Chapel Gallery, Omskirk


Object Readings, performance Insite, Cornwall Autonomous Zone, Penzance

Objets-Textes, assemblage installation at RWA Bristol exhibition


Bitumen curtain paintings selected for Hilton Young Gallery, Penzance

Walking a tortoise (femme flaneur), film and painting shown between Truro cathedral and the Vitreous Gallery, Truro

Handbag Readings, performance at Fete Encounter live art at TRUCK festival, Oxford


Miss-Readings site-specific performance commission for Tate St Ives as part of its Cornwall Art Now show


Salon de Textes, project curation of text and performance in a domestic setting, Chapel Street, Penzance. Supported by CAZ & Arts Council England

1,000 Kisses, site-specific performance commission for The Window Gallery, Birmingham


Comfort Zones, digital photographs & film shown at Wolverhampton University Residency

On The margin film shown at Tulca, Ireland; Body Parts Festival, Scottish Society of Art, Edinburgh; Performance in Nature festival, Serbia; The Phoenix, Exeter


Pleasure in Slowness, site-specific performance commission with Helen Battelley at Mailbox Intervention Festival, B’ham

Dos Palabras, performance and film installation commissioned for Stringing a Sentence Together, at the Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London

Dead Women Walking, performance at Dartington Hall. Part of Art, what is it good for? curated by Tracey Warr


Something’s Fishy, performance commission for Surface Gallery, Nottingham

Tealady, commissioned performance for SEEN festival, Leicester

Singing Theory, performance for We Are Relentless by  AAS, the Custard Factory, B’ham

Inte(xt)change, street performance commission for Exeter HEM festival


To the Lighthouse (and Back), film at Newlyn Art Gallery & Wild Dog Festival, London

M/Utter, performance at Crossing Time Festival, Devon

Man Created the Word, re-performance at VAIN’s Live Art Platform, Oxford


Double-Void, performance, film and installation, Newlyn Art Gallery

Written in Honey, performative site-specific installation for Helmsley Castle, Yorkshire, English Heritage Residency


A Walk with Jane Austen, performance tour with film performance installation, Solihull Library Gallery

1999- 2008 Co-director of Art Surgery with Andy Whall, artist-led curation of live art and site specific performance projects. Real Art (and a Sense of Place) 1999, Arts Council funded Live Art Project programme Tract, (2007), Live Platform (2003), Videoteque (2002)


Loss, sculpture installation as part of Negate Nothing at Custard Factory, Birmingham

sculpture of childs clothing
Loss (iii), wall sculpture, shown at Custard Factory, 1998

This site features recent projects for archive art works go to Delpha’s Project Archive

painted food sack
Tinned tomato soup sack, acrylic on calico, 50x70x5cm for site specific performance and paint project One+All, 2022

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