2017 Paintings

delpha hudson
What is my place in the world? oil and bitumen on canvas, 40x40x4cm, 2017

colourful painting for sale
The act of creation, bitumen and oil on canvas, 40x40x4cm, 2017

colourful painting with figures for sale
Let’s dance the dance, bitumen and oil on canvas, 40x40x4cm, 2017

These are just a few examples of Metaphysical Positions a series of paintings that aim to make visible abstract concepts of being, knowing and identity. They use figurative and historical gestures to reconfigure and represent possibilities for fluid female identity through movement and gesture. In 2017 these paintings were shown in a series of exhibitions in and around Cornwall, including Tremenheere Gallery, Acorn Theatre Gallery and the Redwing Gallery.

large figurative paintings for sale
Arcus – bow to the heart, , oil and bitumen on canvas, 150x120x4cm, 2017

Embodied paintings were a series of large works that explored connections between live reality, movement and paint. By building up layers of tactile bitumen to create palimpsests of texture and texts, these paintings explored the body and different ways the body can be’ written on’.

painting for sale
I-Matter, bitumen and oil on canvas, 60x70x4cm, 2017

painting of a woman's face blindfolded
Just.., bitumen paint and oil on canvas, 50x50x4cm, 2017

colourful painting for sale
Let’s put differences aside, acrylic and bitumen on linen in antique frame, 38x58x5cm, 2017

Constantly experimenting with media and process, paintings build relationships with the past, using antique frames and visualising women’s stories

painting of pregnant woman colourful
It’s not what you think, bitumen and acrylic (with antique frame, 35x24x4cm) 2016

Studies in Survival were a series of small colourful folk-style paintings that explored historical and repetitious struggles of women survive psychological, physical and mental challenges Painted to celebrate women and mothers around the world, they were commissioned and sold at the Acorn Theatre Gallery for International Women’s Day, 2017.

Learning to ask for help, acrylic on untreated canvas, 25x25x3cm, 2017