2018-19 Paintings

delpha hudson painting for sale
Babble tower-the life raft of language, 80x 100x4cm, 2020
delpha hudson painting for sale
Encased in a new silence, 80x100x4cm, 2019
Imposing order on chaos,mixed media on canvas, 80x100x4cm, 2018
delpha hudson painting for sale
Confidence tricks, 80x100x4cm, 2018

Domestic Dystopia paintings are all 80x100x4cm and use bitumen paint to combine every day domestic details with strange medieval or historical scenes. They are made to change and reshape our thinking about our everyday lived experiences of domesticity and care.

Confidence Tricks explores ‘technologies of the self’ and the ways in which women are told be better, improve their opportunities, be more confident and thus be more successful. An appealing ideology, yet a devious psychology. It is a way of displacing blame for cultural inequalities back onto individuals instead of on the institutions that perpetuate them.

colourful painting
White rhino, black rhino, mixed media on canvas, 90x30x4cm, 2019
'White rhino, black rhino' painting in the gallery window
White rhino, black rhino, 90x30x4cm, painting in Clifton gallery window Bristol
painting for sale
Architecture of the self, bitumen and oil on canvas, 90x30x4cm, 2018

a painting of a mother and child in water
Metonym of the moment, bitumen and oil on canvas, 25x25cm x3cm, 2018

Paintings explore women’s experience and lived reality. They parody classic rhetorics of painting. These works utilise and play with conventions of tableau and decoration, imitating and reworking classic figures from historical works that created allegories for the concreteness of human presence. They slyly condemn the way in which the female form has been associated with nature or used as a vehicle to represent male values.

delpha hudson painting for sale
I can’t wait to be in your shoes, 70x50x4cm, 2019
painting of mother and chlldren in pink and blue landscape
M-idyll England, oil and bitumen on canvas, 35x25x3cm, 2018
Waiting for change, oil and bitumen on canvas, 35x25x3cm, 2018

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