Wonderful to be invited to show some of my small watercolour paintings for an exhibition about the reality of staying home for many women, families and children. Distanced Domestic by Co.Curation is a show that collects work from artists around the theme of the domestic – and the impact of the Covid crisis in the domestic sphere.

In these hard times of isolation, economic crisis and social distancing our home has become a symbol of safety and comfort for so many. Distanced Domestic explores our shared experiences in domesticity during social isolation, and  responds to existing ideas of domestic labour and feminist economics. The impact of Covid-19 on young families, children further highlights the inequalities in domestic labor and women’s issues that take place behind closed doors. This show calls for a shift in our perspectives on our roles in a domestic space.

See work online & more information about the coming show

Featured image: All the people we have to be to get through the day, watercolour and ink, 42x30cm, 2020