Iron my Hair is a performance film by Helen Sargeant and Delpha Hudson that is performed at dusk at the Mên-an-Tol in Cornwall. Delpha irons Helen’s hair on a child’s ironing board and then in the gap in the holed stone. This is an ancient site that involves many myths about women and care and the gestures of the performance are gentle and tender. The spoken text refers to many kinds of care, including mothers, friends, family – and self-care.

Feral Mothers is a collaborative performance project by Helen Sargeant & Delpha Hudson. Together they create surreal juxtapositions between the maternal body, domestic objects and landscape that utilise the magic of encounter and the material symbolism of nature that aims to transcend domestic ‘bounds’ and promote care and equality.

Exhibition Who Cares ? Curated by Hannah Bowles

Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2024

Venue: Newark Works • BA2 3DZ

Opening Friday 24th May until 8th June


other exhibiting artists:

Ruth Batham, Jacqui Barrowcliffe, Courtney Beckett, Delpha Hudson, Elina Medley, Sophia Nasif, Nelson, Helen Sargeant, Aashna Singh, Corrina Thornton, Hazel Tomlinson, Charlotte Warne Thomas