clay figure on clock and dirftwood
Upon a time (once), found domestic objects with stoneware figures, 16x16x21cm, 2017

Delpha has worked for many years with collections of small sculpture, often combining them as large installations. Her latest project Small Promethean Acts created a sound & sculpture installation at Artcore Gallery, Derby in 2019

small sculptures on white domestic furniture plinth in a circular gallery with light and sound
Small Promethean Acts, sound & sculpture installation, Artcore Gallery, 2019

A hundred small un-monumental stoneware figures combined with found objects were made between 2017-19 They aimed to celebrate caring acts, engender empathy, and make equality possible. The sculptures displayed on furniture plinths were accompanied by a quiet hum of stories recorded from the public that could be heard from speakers hanging from the ceiling. The 2019 installation (shown) included stories collected from communities in Derby, describing an act of care performed for the ones they love.

You can listen to some of the stories here: Small Promethean Acts on Soundcloud

Combining them as an installation creates an immersive space for reflection on cultural and societal value place on domestic acts. It weaves stories and narratives between sculpture and sound, to celebrate and represent ‘home workers’ and carers. Creating visibility and voice for people who care, and work from home has the potential to change their sense of value, and this project aims to change the value of care in society.

Read more about  small promethean acts project or read a description of the show

Marginalia, 20x20x15cm, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens Gallery, 2017

Small sculptures have been shown and sold individually as well as part of a larger installations. Made from found objects combined with small stoneware figures they juxtapose ideas about women, subjectivity and objects. Find them on Instagram @Small Promethean Acts Some of them are still available for sale. Get in touch to find out more

sculpture for sale
Lover’s Letters, ceramic tree plaque installation at Kestle Barton Gallery & Grounds, 2014

Archive projects that worked with writing & text include Lover’s Letters a series of letters and correspondences that were made into tree plaques made for a specific site in the woods at Kestle Barton, Cornwall. The research and process was recorded in a self-published book. Read more about the project

Objets-Textes, installation of small sculpture at Helston Museum, 2013

Objets-Textes are small sculptural assemblage works that combine found objects with writing. They propose we ‘think through things’ and explore our relationship with the physical world through stories and objects. There are over 100 small works and they have been shown singly or as installations around the UK including the RWA in Bristol between 2006-2013. Find out more or read Objets-Textes research.

Sculptures have been shown and sold individually as well as part of a larger installations. Some of them are still available for sale.

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