Delpha with her painting ‘Model children and other people’ at the opening of Past, Present Future, Tremenheere Gallery.

All of the work by contemporary NSA artists link in some way to historical works by members of the Newlyn Society of Artists, yet follows their line of enquiry now – as we think of the future.

Curated by Lisa Wright who uses yellow to fabulous effect in showing works by Pippa Young, Marie Claire Hamon, Andrew Litten, Bo Hilton, Penny Florence, Una D’aragona, Catherine Harvey Jefferson, Tim Ridley…to name only a few.

The show continues until 7th November celebrating 125 years (1896-2021) of contemporary art and art in Cornwall.

‘Model children and other people’ bitumen acrylic & oil on canvas, 50x60x4cm is for sale like many of the other works in the show.

More about the painting:

In celebrating contemporary painting with historical references, I want to celebrate the work of Newlyn artist Elizabeth Forbes. Not (just) because she is a significant artist and a woman but because her paintings of women and children resonate in their intimacy and story telling.

Shifting from copying to riffing on the figures and seeing what might emerge through the process of drawing and dripping bitumen, I crowded everything on. Continuing to exalt humdrum activities, perhaps with a darker edge -yet with the aim of celebrating the mundane.