Painting 2014-16

a large textured painting of a figure arched over in exstacy

Exploring different ways of connecting performance and painting practice, Delpha developed a physical and conceptual practice of dripping paint onto canvas. Building up layers of tactile bitumen to create palimpsests of texture and texts, these paintings explore embodiment as well as new ways of thinking about identity and multiplicity.

Arcus – bow to the heart, 150x120x4cm, oil and bitumen painting, 2017

example of colourful painting for sale

Mummy Dearest, 130x15x3cm, oil and bitumen paint, 2017

‘Why do the English have the same word for a swaddled corpse and cuddly maternity?’ AS Byatt

RED-dress Mummies are a series of large paintings made from 2016 that use the strange juxtaposition in language of ‘mummy’ meaning mother and mummification. Red dresses are anachronistically added to bring them to life and lend honour and value. They aim to infer that real life mummies (mothers) are need to be understood rather than idolized or denigrated.

colourful painting example with text for sale

Midstream Chaos, 180x150x3cm, oil and bitumen, 2016

Empathy Circuit is a series of large paintings that used stories contributed from women about their lives. These paintings aspire to create empathy for many women who undergo mental health issues due to their experiences of family, unpaid work and motherhood.

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