Work continues on writing the Theatre of the Self for publication. Thanks to the patient help of Davina Kirkpatrick (editor and designer) I hope to be able to fit project documentation into a 30 page A6 book. This is quite a challenge and involves a great deal of editing. I will also be publishing material as a free resource online 

More information about the project: The Theatre of the Self

Print date 10th December 2020

This series of 5 small colourful (A6) books presented in a box will be an unusual combination of art documentation and interactive mental health diaries.

Book 1 documents the Theatre of the self project (2017), in which I read and burned 30+ diaries (1977-2010). The dramatic and creative act of reading and burning focuses on psychological narrative reconstruction and ways to rewrite the self in order to survive trauma, and improve mental health.

The other 4 small colour-coded books in the collection are small interactive diaries that use themes from book 1, with additional prompts and suggestions for how to re-organise our stories and perceptions of self. They include: Little Book of Smoke & Mirrors, The Body Book, The Golden Notebook, and the Little Black Book of Catharsis (with a handy match on the spine).

Using the refrain that the greatest source of suffering are the lies we tell ourselves, the Theatre of the Self box set reflects multiple themes in my arts practise, and discovers how in changing the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, we can all feel healthier and happier.

Do get in touch if you would like more information about the project.

Huge thanks to editor and designer Dr. Davina Kirkpatrick, local Headland Printers in Penzance, and Cultivator, Arts Council England & Cornwall Council for funding for this project.