artist dripping paint in her studio

Delpha has created many performance, live art, film, and sculptural installation projects over the last 20 years. Her contemporary painting practice is informed by these projects. They deal with social & political issues that affect women, including equality, invisibility and motherhood.

photo of artist playing accordion
Double Burden, Leyden Gallery, London, 2017

Double Burden (2017) continued Delpha’s interest in re-representing motherhood and the lived experience of mothers and carers. Find out more about previous performance and live art curation and projects on Delpha’s Performance archives or have a look at Delpha’s film and documentation projects.


A significant recent project about diaries, performance and mental health project has been published as a book. Find out more about Theatre of the Self Published in January 2021. Theatre of the Self was supported by Arts Council & Cultivator funding and a limited edition print is for sale. 


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