Delighted to be commissioned to paint more curtain paintings. I had such a fantastic response to this painting ‘Consider the lilies..’  bitumen & oil on unstretched canvas, 150x180cm, (detail shown, that I have been asked to make some smaller stretched canvas works (100x80x4cm) for a few collectors.

Curtains act as a membrane between reality, myth and allegory. They invite a critical reflection on which is the real subject of the painting. Painting curtains (that don’t fool anyone) and intentionally corrupting historical Master works, creates theatrical stages that break the ‘fourth wall’.

Painting textiles with no thought of faithful replication, creating figurative overlays in reference to domestic space and women’s lives, bitumen is used to destroy vestiges of verisimilitude and decoration. They create abstracted visceral textures, that manipulate expectations of what we see.

I’m excited to create new work through conversation and collaboration. Do get in touch if you are interested in commissioning paintings – I will always make the time!