Huge thank you to Rene Crouch for contributing a wonderful poem inspired by my painting ‘The profound inability to think in female terms’ (30 x 42cm, watercolour and ink on paper, 2021)

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‘The profound inability to think in female terms’ by Rene Crouch, 2023

How many bones?

How many axes?

foregoing clothes

To make, and clothe,

Our children?

Her hand mirrors

Her story

Rich with soil-graft and

The wet-milk-toil for her young kin,

waxing lines of hardened skin,

In the rope-grip,

The intelligence of the fingers

That foresee the tumbling of a toddler

The breaking of a clay cup

The missed latching of a gate

And cattle spread up on the hill.


And the peace-keeper

Willing her sisters not to fight

But to share the scraps

If they can.


They share ant-hills, dry earth,

Bare feet they can still read

Each other

In their nakedness.

They dance,

Following a deep rhythm they don’t try to understand.