I am currently focussing on new work in my studio that has dark and ironic themes about women, selfhood and Subjectivity. Women’s lives are split between so many things that make representing their lived everyday reality impossible. We are bombarded by images of women in an internet age that do not take into account the challenges that women have to meet everyday, with the ebbs and flows of caring, working, and snatches of self. All ever more challenging in a Covid Pandemic world.

New paintings like ‘The Adoration of Self-Sacrifice’ (70x50x4cm bitumen and oil paint on canvas) use dark historical painting references to make fun of cultural expectations and make dark references to our hypocrisy; We don’t really adore those who sacrifice – not really. Or not enough. Using and twisting medievaleque religious imagery, I hope to laugh at our lives and point to ways that we can value ourselves – despite all the contradictions – and survive.

To celebrate new painting I have created a new website page with current work. Have a look.