Delpha is currently finishing Roses and Other Phantoms 6mx180cm in Studio 9, Porthmeor Studios and to celebrate the completion you are warmly invited to join her to view this new work at Studio 9 Porthmeor Studios, St Ives on Sunday 23rd October 3-6pm.

Please get in touch if you can make it:  RSVP

 Delpha says of current work

‘I never dared hope that I would have the opportunity to work on such a grand scale. I’ve always wanted to make history paintings about women’s lives and discover new ways to make them visible. History is not made from one victorious moment, it is made up of daily minutae and domestic detail.

Bakhtin proposes that all art forms explore our system of values and that there is can be no single voice. Roses and other phantoms is a grand gesture laced with socially charged intertextual references that celebrate the mundane and the invisible.

Carnivalesque in its scope and multiplicity of styles this large frieze-like painting creates dialogue between ancient myths and contemporary tales; historical pattern and contemporary Subjects; universal symbolism and personal imagination.’

Delpha Hudson is an artist based in Cornwall whose practice explores how female bodies act as a vehicle to empower, and connect women. She is currently working with conceptual elements of narrative in representations of identity and women’s lived experience.