Lots happening in the studio with more small sculptural assemblages. I have made 7 new stoneware figures and 4 more in the pipeline ready to be fired and combined with strange objects including a lighthouse bulb of 3000 watts. I have started a new colourful graphic-folk style series called ‘Studies in Survival’. They are super flat, have text but no bitumen! They are quick and charming to make but still meaningful.

Of course I am still working in larger works as part of what I think of as my domestic dystopia series with large historical scenes of domestic carnage, featuring putti like children who are not angels. These pieces take so much time – to draw, plan, to drip, to paint, and to dry. it will be months before they are ready.

Hence fun with  ‘Studies in Survival’ almost for amusement – or sanity. 

New writing on the domestic. http://www.delphahudsonartist.co.uk/conceptual-painting/painting-research-writing/

You are welcome to make an appointment and pop in to see progress!