Now available online: an interview with Celeste Allen. It was such a pleasure to meet Celeste in my Bread Street Studio and discuss art-making processes, ideas and current painting projects.

Celeste writes:

‘As January draws to a close, we feel immersed, for better or worse, in a time of transition and change. This month marks another chapter in our respective journeys and at CBA Content, we welcome the new year with local artist and master storyteller @delphahudson.

Delpha is a figurative artist who uses narration as a tool for conveying messages in her art. Her timeless tapestry-like paintings instantly caught our eye and luckily led us to her studio and learning more about her art and creative process.

I caught up with Delpha in her Atelier Studio in Penzance. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, we settled in to talk about the historical references, diverse representations of women, and recurring motifs in her work.

Grab a cuppa of your choice and head over to the link in our bio to read the inspiring Q&A’.

For the full interview go to: