small sculptures displayed on domestic furniture place in s spiral snail shape, in front of a projection of stars disobedient domestic sculpture- first installation view 

Small Promethean Acts is a project that combines sculptural installation with sound. Celebrating invisible domestic acts, the project aims to collect and share short stories of the smallest acts of care that make a big difference to other’s lives.

Weaving stories and narratives between sculpture and sound to celebrate and represent women, mothers and domesticity, the installation creates a small immersive space for reflection.

Accumulated sculpture made from small domestic objects combined with gestural clay figures are displayed on domestic furniture placed in a snail shape as a metaphor for home. The installation is combined with recorded short stories told by men and women of all ages about an act of care.

Everyday lives of mothers and carers involve Promethean acts that are rarely noticed, never told or re-presented. This is a small tribute to everyone who cares.

Current call out if you would like to contribute a short domestic story ( max 3 minute recording or 100    words) SPA callout for stories

Most recordings have been collected anonymously but others can be found on 

Small Promethean Acts full list of sculpture works

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Marginalia on show at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens


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