Sculpture works use assemblage or combinage techniques with small found, domestic objects. Sculpture work uses unmonumental scale and concinnity – a harmonious arrangement or fitting together of different parts referring to a studied elegance or style  –  with a twist.
Objects and forms are often combined with writing, dialogically producing surprising connections between things and ideas. Much of the work is exploratory and often destined for a larger installation of small parts, combined and sited with film, sound and performance. Other work is available for sale individually.


Small Promethean Acts  are small works made from stoneware clay figures scaled to found objects. Many of the objects are household items – domestic objects  – and are used as creatively metaphors for meaning and the figures that are built around them create a dialogue about domesticity, care and visibility. They are also part of a larger project celebrating people’s stories that uses film, sound and installation.

Objets-textes combine small found objects with writing and poetry. They propose that we ‘think through things’, exploring our relationship with our physical world and the performance of words are performed on a 3-dimensional plane. Installations of over 100 pieces have been shown around the UK over the years.


Other projects that combine objects and texts:

domestic mottoes

Lover’s Letters


Saw Sings