Lockdown Watercolour Stories

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Lockdown watercolour stories are created from stories that people send me. Begun during Lockdown 1, March 2020, people shared their personal stories and experiences and I created a small (15x18cm) visual image of their experiences for them.  
Working from home, instead of my studio, I rediscovered watercolour and ink. I felt closer to my mother,  who sadly passed away, because she used this medium all her life. As a painter, I had forgotten the simple joy of story telling in watercolour and ink, and love the the pleasure these paintings bring to others.
You are invited to share your current lockdown experiences and stories and know that you are not alone. 

painting of a family

If you would like to send me your unique lockdown story and have me paint it, please send me a synopsis in a few brief sentences of your experiences during lockdown (at least 3 sentences is best).

Email me at: delpha@delphahudson.co.uk

I will send you a jpeg image of your own unique watercolour story and if you would like to purchase your own unique watercolour painting for £25 (15x18cm), we can then exchange further details for payment and posting.

For an extra cost of £25 you can also have it framed, making a total of £50 for your unique framed watercolour. (Framed 20x25cm).

Image: Home schooling versus video games, Sam Watkins, Worthing, Sussex, watercolour & ink on paper (15x18cm)

watercolour of woman washing up and working on her computer

Image: The kitchen sink during Lockdown 1, Sarah Rose, Birmingham, watercolour & ink on paper (15x18cm)

This is a special price for original paintings – just for this project. Get in touch if you would like to more.

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