I use bitumen as a conceptual paint medium to explore a variety of political and societal concerns. Liquid Selves are monochrome works made since 2006 that explore politics of female identity that use bitumen as a metaphor for metaphysical and subjective fluidity. Metaphysical Positions are works from 2017 that add movement and colour.
black and white image of a woan and leaves
Exploring the politics of female identity, dripping bitumen onto canvas is an exploration of multiple selfhood. Psychoanalytic theories of self, non-self and other reveal problematic processes of becoming for women. Using fluid patterns and a unique aesthetic of textile forms to construct a new iconographic utterance, to transform the Subject.  
Bitumen paint is an earthy, textual substance. There is a magical happenstance in its use, as control is limited. The contrast of using only black and white is a metaphor for subjectivity split between thought, and transformation. It is a beautiful language to express a non-narratable and fluid self. The pattern work is ‘text’, constructing a language with which to explore gender. Attention to gender can change the very foundations of looking. My work aims to explore what women are, and what they can be.


All works are for sale: medium sized paintings price list from £500


 paiting 2 figures with rush of green behind them

Metaphysical Positions use bitumen paint as a metaphor for fluidity and movement and these paintings explore fluid identity and empathy through figures that create relationships between gesture, form and colour.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with abstract concepts of being, knowing and identity. Feminist metaphysics  explores the cultural constructions of gender and selfhood and these small works use figurative and historical gestures to reconfigure and represent possibilities for fluid female identity and selfhood.

Using bitumen paint to create tactile, performative gestures that invoke bodily engagement and empathy for the human condition. Different  modes of being can be interpreted through movement and present alternative realities for fluid selfhood, where we are no longer single unitary beings but multiple.

They express a non-narratable self;they undo identity, and put differences together.
More information about these paintings: metaphysical propositions & Delpha Painting Blog

painting of a womanIn 2011 I self-published a book about  Liquid Selves: the fragmentary and multiple nature of Self; a self-published book about dripped bitumen paintings which explored the fragmentary and fluid nature of self in 3 voices. This is currently unavailable but undergoing a re-edit for re-publication.