artist dripping paint in her studioExploring the politics of domesticity and identity, painting projects often use bitumen paint as a metaphor for fluidity and change. Bitumen paint has unique properties as dripped from a stick it creates depth and when it is the right viscosity it will spin making beautiful patterns, spinning like the tales we tell about ourselves and our lives. Dripping is a physical process embodying meaning. Each art work is unique, and can never be replicated exactly.

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A list of current painting projects:

Lockdown Stories are small watercolour and ink drawings (15x18cm) of stories or short word descriptions that people sent me during lockdown. They share our domestic situations, feelings, crises and experiences at home and bring us closer together. They were shared on social media or in the post for £10.

Domestic Dystopias or domestopias are apocalyptic visions of mothers’ lived experience. They are funny and menacing, monstrous and the mundane, providing an ambivalent depiction of the place of the domestic in our lives.

Ironic Iconographies parody the way that female forms are used in classical painting and slyly subverting the rhetoric of painting to explore and differentiate representations of women.

Liquid Selves and Metaphysical Positions are paintings that explore empathy through gesture, and movement. They use figures as metaphors for metaphysical and subjective fluidity in order to express non-narratable selves that undo identity and put differences together.

Small paintings: many projects that use bitumen on a small scale to create layers of text and texture that perform and write the body and its stories

Historical narrative painting are large painting projects that explore many themes about women’s lives.

Studies in Survival  are very small colourful folk art paintings that celebrate the lives of women through text and colour.