large dark detailed historicaleque painting with women and children

Artist’s Statement

I paint dystopian and uncanny scenes that feature entwined families and friends engaged in banal, bizarre and surreal daily lives. Figures are often inspired by complex historical works, from medieval illuminated manuscripts to Bosch paintings to Michelangelo drawing.

The richly textured compositions on canvas use a technique of dripping bitumen, or works on paper use ink to create dynamic networks in which figures move, and weave in and out of the ordered chaos of every day life.

I choreograph powerful female protagonists, mothers and children, situating them in new imaginary realms in order to challenge domestic legacies and make them visible. In exposing a common condition of contradiction and the joy and pain of domestic life, I aim to engender empathy and change.

Paintings also explore gender and conventional stories of Self through a personal lens. In the aftermath of experiencing breakdown in my 20s, I rebuilt my ‘Self.’ Bought up in a cultish religion; confined to strict patriarchal belief; constrained by caring for 3 small children and familial pressure; I had to slowly reconstruct parts of myself to survive.

Drawing on the past provides a new perspective to explore future possibilities for everyone. I want to portray our potential to live with paradox and ambivalence, and explore how we can re-write the Self to be who we need to be to survive.

Image: Encased in a New Silence, oil and bitumen on canvas, 80x100x4cm, 2019 . Shown at Edge of Dark, NSA exhibition Tremenheere Gallery, October, 2020