framed painting of figures and colour with the words 'what do you care for?'

Art creates possibilities for change.

I want to create art that speaks to the heart and mind and that shifts our perspectives about the value of care in society. I want to create transformative conversations through visual and sensory means that change cultural narratives that simultaneously trivialize caring and mothering roles and create pressure to live up to unrealisable ideals.

I often collaborate with others, creating dialogues about shared stories and experiences. I aim to create visibility and value for women and carers through valorising the realities of our domestic and home lives.

My poly-vocal practice uses relationships between words, objects, performance and people, to create multiple evocations over time. Working simultaneously in different media and scales, small-scale works evoke precarity and vulnerability, yet speak on a grand scale about the politics of care.

Art can be a safe and supportive creative space where we can empathise and support each other. Valuing others and feeling value is part of an empathy circuit that changes society. Dealing with our difficult stories and experiences, owning and integrating them, promotes good mental health and happier lives.

Join me for a tour of my studio Cornwall Open Studios May 2020

Talking about my work in studio 2019