three images together of readng, a diary and burning the diary

The Theatre of the Self project reflects multiple themes found in my arts practice around the construction of gendered subjectivities. Performed in 2017, I have funding to publish a box set of 5 small colour-coded books that are simultaneously art, documentation, and interactive mental health diaries.

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Download: The Theatre of the Self publishing information

author delpha hudson with proofs of book

The books and website have lots of material and research about the integration of our stories; body theory; narrative re-structuring; re-construction of self, edited by Dr Davina Kirkpatrick, it will be published by the local Headland Printers by mid-January 2021.

Download: Printable THEATRE OF THE SELF information

A project about cathartic diary destruction in order to re-make and re-construct the self, there are all sorts of resources on the theatre of the self website  – or you can follow the project on Instagram.