a woman pulling a toy boat in the sea with a moody sky in the background


Like a Ship Righting Itself  made during lockdown in June 2020, is the first film (4 mins long) of a series of microfilms about women and mental health. Each film starts with an idiom, a domestic object and a story or text. They are then ‘acted upon’ in a local landscape, here in Cornwall. They contain metaphors of survival and suggest that we can all be ‘makers of self ‘ through narrative re-structuring.

The films are part of a larger project How to go from One Page to Another that hopes to explore the stories we tell ourselves  – about ourselves, and suggest that we can re-write our stories and  move differently across the ‘page’ of experience.

woman sweeping a rug in the middle of a barley field

The second film Swept Under the Carpet, (3.5 mins) made in August 2020, features a writing and performance collaboration with Dr Marianne May. Both films are not yet publicly available but there are other archive films available to be viewed online. Life Sentences 

a picture of the artist dressed in Empire clothing in front of the gates to an old house

A Walk with Jane Austen, Solihull Gallery, 1998

Current work harks back to feminist film performances I made from the late 1990s. More information on other films  

To view my latest ongoing ‘performance’ project:  Theatre of the Self