Art Work 2006-16

colourful painting with text for sale
Midstream chaos, oil and bitumen on canvas, 150x120x3cm, 2016

Empathy Circuit is a triptych of large paintings that explore women’s stories. They aspire to create empathy for women’s lived experience and mental health. Paintings use text and image to explore how our stories can visually share understanding of women’s experience of home and children.

colourful painting for sale
Mummy Dearest, oil and bitumen on canvas, 160x40x4cm, 2016

Red-dress Mummies is a series of large paintings that explore the strange juxtaposition in the English language of ‘mummy’ as a ‘swaddled corpse and cuddly maternity’ (A.S. Byatt). Red dresses are added to bring them back to life and add honour and value. They aim to infer that real life mummies need to understood rather than idolized or denigrated.

abstracted painting of 3 joined naked women
Pandora’s Line, bitumen & oil on linen, 40x35x4cm, 2015

sculpture for sale
Lover’s Letters, ceramic tree plaque installation at Kestle Barton Gallery & Grounds, 2014

Lover’s Letters were made for a specific site in the woods and the research and process recorded in a self-published book. Read more about the project

small assemblage art on the walls of helston museum
Une Centaine de, installation of objets-textes assemblages at Helston Museum Gallery, 2013

Objets-Textes are small sculptural assemblage works that combine found objects with writing. They propose we ‘think through things’ and explore our relationship with the physical world through stories and objects. There are over 100 small works and they have been shown singly or as installations around the UK including the RWA in Bristol. Find out more.

example of monochrome painting for sale
SHE-HER, bitumen & gesso on canvas, 70x50x4cm, 2011

LIquid Selves are a series of monochrome paintings that explore the nature of Self. Made from 2006 in the Drill Hall Studios, Marazion, these paintings were made to promote the idea of everyone – but especially women as multiple. They are made with gesso and use dripped bitumen as a metaphor for fluidity and multiplicity.

Paintings were shown in shows and sold in various galleries around the UK including  Marburae Gallery, Off the Shelf, Saltburn, the Art Lounge, Derby, Double Lives, Nottingham, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, Redearth gallery, Devon, the Crypt Gallery, St Ives, Drawing the line, Hilton Young Gallery, Helsetine Gallery, with a solo show at Helston Museum Gallery, 2013.

example of monochrome painting for sale
SHE-HER-I, bitumen and gesso on canvas, 50x40x4cm, 2010

The titles of many of these monochrome paintings are made from combinations of pronouns to infer the multiple lives that we all lead. Figures are formed out freehand with bitumen dripped from a stick and often layered with gesso.

Mother, Carer, Whore, bitumen & gesso on canvas, 90x30x4cm, 2013

Many of the paintings use pattern to evoke texture, depth, dramatic interplay and domestic resonance – or explore the roles we all play during our lives.

Read my self-published book: Liquid Selves

a picture of the artist dressed in Empire clothing in front of the gates to an old house
A Walk with Jane Austen, performance tour & film installation, Solihull Gallery, 1999

Delpha has created many performance, film, and installation projects in 20 years of practising as an artist. Her current painting practice is influenced and informed by many these projects and social & political issues that affect women. More of her archive and films can be viewed online.

Have a look at Delpha’s latest performance and mental health book project Theatre of the self published in 2021. Funded by Arts Council & Cultivator or view her latest news.