2021 Paintings

Contemporary paintings are socially engaged and tell stories about equality and visibility for women, mothers and carers.

painting for sale
Despised and ashamed I tell you truly by them all I am condemned, 190x160cm, mixed media on canvas, 2021

A history of domestic appliances, oil & mixed media on canvas, 120x150x3cm, 2021

oil painting for sale
Last and least wait till everything else has been eaten, oil & bitumen on canvas, 60x50cm, 2021

painting for sale
Model children and other people, mixed media on canvas, 50x60x4cm, Tremenheere Gallery, 2021

painting for sale
Children and childlore, acrylic, oil & bitumen paint on canvas, 50x60x4cm, 2021

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painting for sale
We all have as many selves as there are people to recognise us, oil & bitumen on canvas, 50x60x4cm, 2021

painting for sale
Batten down the hatches we’re in for a rough ride, oil & bitumen on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020-1

Tell them their lives matter, 4x230cm, watercolour & ink, 2021

painting for sale
Infinite intertwining networks of diverse connections, 42x30cm, watercolour & ink, 2021

painting for sale
Just start at page one and write like a Sheela Na Gig, watercolour on archival paper, 30x42cm, 2021

painting or sale
When the water’s high, let’s sit on the edge, watercolour on archival paper, 30x42cm. 2021

No-one could have prepared her for this, watercolour, 42x30cm, 2021

The staggering tower of misogyny, watercolour & ink on paper, 30x42cm, 2021

painting for sale
The sea that women swim in, watercolour & ink, 42x30cm, 2021

Succour & circuses; our mouths wide open, watercolour, 39x28cm, 2021

watercolour painting for sale
Moving through the stories; manifesting identities we didn’t know were there, watercolour &ink, 42x30cm, 2021
painting for sale
Reading from the manual of supporting roles, watercolour and ink on paper, 30x42cm, 2021
painting for sale
Where did that damn parrot go? watercolour and ink on paper,42x30cm, 2021

painting for sale
Dancing around the kids, watercolour & ink, 30x42cm, 2021
painting for sale
Working mother, acrylic on canvas, 25x25x3cm, 2021

As a seasonal offer at the end of 2021, a series of small medievalesque acrylic canvases were made available for a special price. Proceeds went to support young parents in Cornwall as part of the Wild Parents project. There are still some available if you would like to get in touch and find out more.

Works on paper are available for sale or get in touch to arrange to visit my studio or enquire about prices for paintings on canvas.

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