In 2008 I started researching things and making small scale assemblages from found objects; driftwood, dolls, dead bees, pottery shards, contact lenses, cloth, wool, pipes, dice, eggs……. and then combining them with poetry, texts and writing.

Removing the separateness of things in play reveals their familiar and haptic potential. Writing on things begins a series of dialogues between symbol, sign, signifier and self, creating worlds of possibilities. The relationship between human subjects and objects is mutually constitutive and exploring ways in which the material itself may enunciate meaning and metaphor linked to my performance art practice in which meaning is embodied.

Using writing in combination with things that can be interpreted universally creates a paradox of particularity and indeterminate meaning. Dinggedichte  are thing poems, they inter-animate adding semantic, structural and aesthetic densities.

Research project writing on things – there is also a self-published book available.

More work to view – project listsassemblage using small objects and diriftwoodsmall assemblage with objects and driftwoodsmall assemblage with objects and driftwood