Studio hours

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Lots more exciting work happening at 20 Bread St., Penzance. Working long hours to produce new bitumen drip paintings with colour, small ceramic assemblage work and sculpture, and developing some new larger works. Very much inspired by my trip to … Continued

New work on show

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After a very successful open studio (with sales) I have been commissioned to show work in a couple of galleries around the country – nothing big and blousy, yet in line with plans to share my work with larger audiences! … Continued

Theatre of the Self

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Score: 30 diaries (1977-2007) 30 days (not consecutive) Each day read a diary, save something, burn the rest. From the age of 14, I wrote almost a daily diary or journal. I started this conceptual project last month, and finish on … Continued

Bear-hemian Rhapsody

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On 1st April 2017, Habs Art, Manchester took us at our word and commissioned a piece for Haphazard 2017, which involved a bear, sax and accordion playing, wall building, knocking walls down and a version of Bohemian Rhapsody that is … Continued