Art creates the possibility of change.  framed painting of figures and colour with the words 'what do you care for?'

Art is a collection of ideas, written, enacted, presented to all of the senses. Art can change how we think and what we understand. I am interested in the potential of dialogue between media and multiple dialogues with audiences and communities to change the visibility and value of women and carers in society.

I work with performance, film, sculpture and painting. Projects negotiate and collect domestic stories to celebrate and valorize daily acts of care. Using the premise that the shortest distance between one human being and another is a story, projects take many forms re-combining and re-configuring media and creating new dialogues between them. I think of my painting practice as performative and much of my work refers to the gendered body. I often work with conceptual time-based media, or in 2-D work use unusual substances like bitumen or molasses as a metaphor for ambivalence and contradiction in women’s lives. 

Each project has the aim of appealing to, and where possible, working with different audiences to engage them in changing the value and visibility of domestic work, care and mental health issues. I would like to valorise the realities of domestic everyday lives and change cultural narratives that simultaneously trivialise caring and domestic roles and create pressure to live up to unrealisable ideals. Values that are ever more important in a post-COVID19 stay-at-home world.

Join me for a tour of my studio Cornwall Open Studios May 2020

Talking about my work in studio 2019