Arcus, a bow to the heart, 150x120x4cm, 2016 


This is a body of work that uses layers of bitumen and oil paint, sculptural form, text and colour to explore sexual difference, narratives and selfhood.

These paintings continue to aggregate experiments with sculptural form, grandiose idiom, and vernacular imagery. We know and construct ourselves through the contours of the bodies that we inhabit. Exploring body specificities and residues through the medium of bitumen paint, forms and performs new relations between contradictory selves and multiple positions.

Painting can explore new ways of thinking about identity and multiplicity. Through the interplay of sculptural, historical and monumental reference to bodily form and its fragmentation, it is possible to posit gendered fluidity in lived experience and embodied self, even through birth, change and process.

There is a form of palimpsest in these paintings. It is a term applied to medieval manuscripts; the act of removing and replacing images and texts, one on top of another. It has become a term that contains notions of layering up meaning and history. Bitumen paint can be used to create depth and tactile surfaces on a flat plane and over time it is possible to  layer up patterns and text underneath a final image that lend depth of field and tactility.

large sized painting catalogue 2019

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abstracted painting of 3 joined naked women
Pandora’s Line, 30x20x3cm